Festival Program Builder -- Software Program

This program provided by:
Dancing Penguins Software
Denver, Colorado
John & Karen Herr

Build a dance program: for an evening, or for a large convention

FPB is a unique software package that manages all your resources, namely dance leaders, rooms, dance names, and etc. for any size of dance event.

If you are doing a national convention, FPB provides you with all of your callers, cuers, CW leaders, Clogging leaders, Educators, and etc. into one window (with tabs). You just click on the tabs at the top to switch between the different kinds of leaders. To build a program, you can double click on a specific leader (e.g. George Jones cueing 'New York, New York', and that item will show up in the program window. The times of each person's assignment are automatically computed.

You repeat this process for each hall on each day. Then, when all the programs are done, you can ask FPB to do a 'Conflict Analysis' for you. It will tell you if you have assigned someone to be in two places at the same time, or if he/she doesn't have enough time to get from one hall assignment to another hall assignment.

Features of FPB:
1) FPB provides over 50 different reports, like:
        a) When the leaders are available,
        b) All assignments for each leader (includes calling,
           cueing, educ. sessions, & etc.),
        c) Telephone and address lists,
        d) A report that tells you how to best use your cuers,
        e) How much work each leader has been asked to perform,
           and etc.
2) The final result is a formatted set of files that can be handed to your printing company for printing.
3) FPB will cut your time to approximately one third, and decrease your errors significantly. FPB is especially valuable when you are near the end and you have to make a change - everything is recalculated for you.
4) FPB includes a full on-line help facility. You can bring up a users manual, or you can click on the help buttons (there is one on every displayable window).
5) The non-Demo copy of FPB is sold with real and useful data. For example, it contains a recent collection of leaders that participated in previous conventions, with their addresses, phones, and etc.. It also contains over 700 Round Dances with ties to the cuers that can cue them. All you have to do is update it.
6) Besides leader data, FPB also comes with pre-set information on events, like Hall Closed, Break, After Party, Grand March, and etc..
7) FPB will also calculate votes for Round Dances and tell you which dances should be included into your program due to their popularity.
8) There are 3 versions of FPB: Demo, Personal, and Professional. They differ in the quantity of leaders and dances that are allowed.
Many other features are documented in the on-line documentation.

Additional Information:
See the complete User Manual, click here
See some Screen Shots, click here
Other comments, click here

Demo Version FREE
Professional Version $60 (may be waived)
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