So, You Don't Have a User ID!!

Why you need a User ID

You need a User ID in order to access the big list of Round Dances
that you will select from to present for consideration to be included
into the programmed dances in the Dance halls.

How to get your ID

1) If you are a Cuer:
    then there should be an ID already defined for you.
    Contact your RD Vice Chairman to get your ID.

2) If you are NOT a Cuer:
    Enter your ID as follows:     LastnameFirstName
    Please use full first name.
    Example:     herrjohn


1) Please do NOT use a space in the middle of the 2 names.
2) You may enter upper or lower case -- It won't matter.
3) If you return to change your dance selections, be sure to use
    the exact same spelling of your name as before.

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