So, You Don't Have a User ID!!

Why you need a User ID

You need a User ID in order to access the big list of Round Dances
that you will select from to present for consideration to be included
into the programmed evening dances in the Dance halls during the National
National Convention.

How to get your ID

1) Send in your Cuer Profile to your Round Dance Leader
OR: Type in your Profile data on the internet at URL:
2) Your Vice Chairman will send/e-mail your User ID to you.

3) If you do not receive your User ID by December 1st,
please re-contact them.

After you have your ID

Go to internet URL: http://www.denverpenguins.com/nsdc
Enter your User ID, then click on the 'Select Dances' button, and your dance choices
will be displayed. (It may take a while to process all the dances to your.)
screen. Only select dances that you ACTUALLY CUE and that you WANT TO SEE IN THE PROGRAM.
Finally, click the 'Submit' button for each of your selections and they will be saved as
candidates for being programmed into the Convention.


After all the cuers have submitted their dance selections, the selections will
be tallied (as votes). Only those dances with the most votes will become candidates
for programming.

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