Round Dance References
John & Karen Herr

Presidents of Colorado Round Dance Association
John & Karen are great teachers!   They teach rounds in a way that makes it easy to learn.   In fact, they retain their beginners to advance up to higher levels.   Not only are they good teachers, their dances are fun!   They put 'party' into party dances.   We think that John and Karen's dances are the 'funnest' round dances that we go to!

John is very good at cueing to the level of the floor.

Kansas Cuer College Organizer/Cuer
As a teaching couple, John & Karen make dancing & learning FUN.   They make it easy to learn new routines and rhythms.   Karen's past profession has been teaching, therefore she realizes when people don't understand something being taught and helps John figure out a better way to teach it.

John does a great job of teaching new cuers how to keep time while learning how to cue.

Kansas/Oklahoma Cuer
I would highly recommend John and Karen Herr as Round Dance Leaders.   I have known them since they were the featured cuers for the Kansas State Square Dance Festival several years ago.   They are very friendly to the participants and make the learning fun.   Their method of teaching is very easy to follow and are very helpful to those who may be having difficulty.   My partner and I have attended many of the Thanksgiving Square and Round weekends held yearly in Oklahoma, where they are the featured cuers.

The Herrs definitely do their part to see that everyone has a great time but also learn new round dance routines and figures as well.

Vancouver, B.C., MiniLab Organizer/Cuer
In September of 2009, John & Karen Herr conducted a MiniLab sponsored by Roundalab in Nanaimo BC. They were excellent clinicians who brought 'fun' into Round Dancing.   The curriculum was according to Roundalab guidelines and time was shared with new cuers/teachers as well as more experienced teachers.

Their presentation was interesting and plenty of time was allotted for questions.   They shared many great ideas with us and sent everyone home with their new knowledge and enthusiasm to share with our dancers. They even had partners trying to cue which made a more interesting seminar for the 'other half'.

I would highly recommend them as Roundalab Clinicians.

Kansas Dancer
I have known and danced with John and Karen Herr for several years and they are excellent teachers and dancers, but first and foremost, they are wonderful Christian people.

Local Square & Round Dance Leader/Dancer
It isn't just that John & Karen know a lot about dancing, though they clearly do, or that they are excellent teachers, for they truly are.   It's that they are both so obviously in love with dancing -- and with each other -- and they want the same for us.

Minnesota Nationals Leader
What a delightful experience it was meeting John & Karen a few years ago.   A very congenial and friendly couple, they are definitely an asset to the round dance activity.   Their choreography is well done to great music.   An excellent cuer, John takes every opportunity he has to interact with his dancers which makes dancing to him more enjoyable.   A fun-loving couple, it is a pleasure to spend time with them as they share their knowledge of round dancing.

Member of the Board of Directors of ROUNDALAB
We have been working with Karen and John Herr for the past few years and find them to be very thorough in their endeavers.