John & Karen Herr
4535 Red Rock Dr, Larkspur, CO, 80118
H:(303) 681-3147 -- J-Cell:(303) 870-4617 -- K-Cell:(303) 549-2028 ---
Last updated: May 2017

30+ Years of Cueing and Teaching

    We Cue Phases II-VI
We Teach Phases II-VI
We are certified Roundalab Mini-Lab Clinicians
We Conduct 40-hour Cuer/Teacher Colleges
Our Emphasis on Having Fun while Teaching Proper Mechanics

Motto:          If you can drag your spouse to class, we can keep him/her there!

Chairman of Roundalab (2008-2010)
Board of Directors of Roundalab (2005-2011)
Certified Roundalab Mini-Lab Clinicians
Chairman of various committees of Roundalab
Vice Chairman of Rounds for NSDC 2004 (Denver)
Board of Directors Colorado RD Association
Chairman of various state and local weekends
Conducted many Weekends with out-of-state Guest Instructors
Run 5 Round Dance Clubs of all Phases
Cue for over 10 Square Dance Clubs

John started round dancing in 1985 and teaching in 1987. Karen started round dancing in 1979 and teaching in 1988. They currently teach all phases and conduct four Round Dance clubs. They cue for more than 10 Square Dance clubs and have sponsored twelve local weekends called Polar Expresses.

They have served on the following Roundalab committees:
Ballot Counting Chair (3 years),
ROQ Phase 3 Chair (3 years),
Abbreviation Chair (2 years),
Convention Education Chair (3 years),
Bylaws (5 years),
Phase 4 Standards Chair (3 years),
Board of Directors (6 years),
General Chairman (2 years), and etc.

Also in Colorado Round Dance Association capacities:
Boad of Directors/Secretary (3 years),
Hall of Fame Chair (9 years),
State RD Weekend Chair (2 years),
Program Chair (multiple),
Newsletter Editor (3 years),
Hall of Fame recipients, and etc.

They have taught at 23 National Square Dance Conventions, and have taught Introduction to Round Dance Workshops, both locally and nationally.

They have presented numerous education sessions at Roundalab conventions.

In 2007, along with Ron and Mary Noble, they conducted a very successful Round Dance Teachers College in Denver, CO.

They support new technology and see the need to keep up with the 21st century.
They thank the Roundalab organization for providing the overall general educationthat has helped them to become what they currently enjoy so very much.

John's background:
Professionally, John is a Software Developer of over 42 years.   At home he has authored and invented several software programs, including:
1) Cue Sheet Writer: This converts your head cues into fully formatted Cue Sheets.

2) Festival Program Builder: This manages all aspects of the dancing activities of a small evening dance program up to a full international dance convention.

3) Figure Video Software: This is a computerized version of the Roundalab Figure Video DVDs.  This software is currently being sold by Roundalab.

John has also been a leader in Scouting, Church, Public Education, and also serves as a genealogical consultant.

His hobbies are: Collector of Brilliant Uncirculated pennies from the current date, back to the 1930's, and before. He also collects marble-sized spheres of many different stone/metal types (such as Oynx, Quartz, Copper, Hematite, and etc.).

Karen's background:
Professionally, Karen has taught Elementary Education for over 33 years.

She is nationally certified in Early Childhhod (as a Master Teacher), and is in the Who's Who of American Teachers.    She continues to be in demand as a resource to the local school districts.

For many years, Karen was either the President (or the backbone) of one of the largest Square and Round Dance clubs in America.

Karen loves to collect Moose, and Penguins. She is an expert on Penguins. And her house is FULL of penguin paraphernalia EVERYWHERE.