Cue Sheet Writer (CSW) -- Software Program

This program provided by:
Dancing Penguins Software
Denver, Colorado
John & Karen Herr

You can create a formatted Cue Sheet in 15 minutes.

CSW is a unique software package that runs on a PC that allows you to type in the
head cues and it will print out your nicely formatted Cue Sheet.

Features of CSW:
1) CSW is Windows based, allowing cutting and pasting of cues between cue files
       and your new dance file.
2) CSW comes with files of preset cues along with their definitions so that you only
       have to copy the cue into your new dance window.
3) You can also create your own cues with their associated definitions, or modify the
       existing cues.
4) CSW counts your measures for you and does all the formatting of the resultant Cue Sheet.
5) CSW allows you to change Rhythms within a dance.
6) CSW supports Notes, Comments, Headers, and Part Names (e.g. Intro, Part A, Tage,
       Interlude, End, & etc.)
7) Quick view and modifiability of all the cue definitions (the provided ones and your
       newly created ones).
8) CSW checks your cue definitions for number of comas and matching parenthesis
       (e.g. Woman's steps).
9) Full on-line documentation, including User Manual, Error list, and Index.
10) Requires basic knowledge of Windows (Windows/NT/XP).
11) Advanced features include mid-measure processing (like in Jive).
Many other features are documented in the on-line documentation.

Additional Information:
See example of Head Cue entries, with resultant output Cue Sheet, click here
See the complete User Manual, click here
See relative notes, click here

Price: $65
Please make checks out to 'Dancing Penguins Software'
Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.

To Order:
Phone: 303-681-3147
Address: John Herr
4535 Red Rock Dr
Larkspur, CO, 80118

Methods of delivery:
1) dropdown from DropBox, or
2) snail-mail CD

Thanks for considering Cue Sheet Writer!